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Drip rail under rounded corners of Shaws sink? Too weird?

12 years ago

Heya -

Man it's HARD to find pictures of drip rails under farm sinks! There are some out there but you have to zoom in on them in many cases and then it's just blurry. I hate it when sites don't allow you to get close-ups or don't tell you who the kitchen belongs to so you an see more pictures, more angles, etc.

There are a couple on this forum e.g. Circuspeanut's but those don't usually have rounded front corners so they look really nice - I just don't know how it would look with a farm sink with the round corners. And also in my case this would be post-installation so just screwed or nailed or glued in later. Also in another picture the wood is so dark that they used that my computer makes it impossible to see clearly. :(

Suggestions? Should it slant downward so no standing water's left to sit and rot the wood? What should the profiles on the ends look like? Should they be rounded or less so? Urg. In my kitchen, even though there's no dark wood anywhere, should I have the drip rail stained a dark wood color just cause it might warm up the coldness of the stainless countertop? Or should I paint it black to pick up the bits of black hardware in the kitchen? Or just paint it the same gray-green color as the lower cabs? Still not sure if the upper cabs will be the same gray color (as in Sally Wheat's kitchen) or else maybe I'll paint the uppers cream, I don't know. Growing mighty tired of white.

Below are the only drip rail pics I've been able to find online. I'm sorry to be so short of time and not attaching these links properly. I'm just copying them from the saved draft in emails that I'm planning on sending to my contractor so some of them you've already seen and/or might be repeats of each other (haven't edited yet)!:

"Christopher Peacock":

Here's another pic of one (second pic) that makes me even more want to have a darker-stained wood color!:

And below is a link to my kitchen. It's a bit more finished now but not enough that it's worth my hunting down my missing camera battery charger, haha...

Here is a link that might be useful: Examples of my sink (hopefully better ones to come soon)

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