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Back of farm sink's rounded corners: rounded counter?

13 years ago

Does that title make sense? ;)

The stainless fabricator people came today to measure my countertop space. I've figured out how far out to bump the Shaws farm sink, and I'm pretty sure I want the countertop to hide the edges of the sink (negative reveal?) but it never occurred to me to have to decide between the back corners being straight edges or more of a slight radius - rounded like the sink.

If you have pictures of the way you chose to do your rounded-corners farm sink, please share!

Meanwhile, I unfortunately can only do a 1/2" overhang (long story) and I INSIST on doing bin pulls which are fairly deep - I think about an inch deep, typically. While they're extremely common these days, our house has the original bin pulls all over the house (e.g. on built-in cabinet drawers and built-in armoire drawers, etc.) so I'd really like to be consistent there.

I could always do a drip rail under the sink for that area, but regarding the overhang coming up about half an inch short of the bin pulls, I'm not sure what to do. Will it be a terrible horrible thing? Will I bump into the bin pulls and bruise myself, or is it more of an aesthetic thing (will it look awkward?) or is it just about the issue of spilled water hitting the tops of the bin pulls?

Thank you!

I'll attach a pic of the kitchen sink so you can picture the rounded edge issue in the context of its surroundings (though several of you are probably sick to death of seeing my kitchen - much less my still-unfinished kitchen)!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen sink area

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