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What kind of faux finish would look good...

16 years ago

OK I FINALLY picked my paint colors LOL! For the foyer, staircase and front hallway, I am going with Blonde. I tried a TON of colors and this one is really pretty and uplifting. In the open dining room, we are doing SW Restrained Gold above the new chair rail and some type of red below it...I am currently stuck between SW Fireweed or BM Spanish Red. In the living room, we are doing SW Restrained Gold, and in the kitchen, another red - either SW Flower Pot or another terra cotta.

Anyway - my question is this... we have an art niche facing the front door and open dining room, and I had wanted to do a faux finish inside it. Initially I wanted to do red and gold, but I'm not sure if that will look good? I am starting with a blank slate here so I can do anything I want. I want the art niche to "pop" but I don't want it to look garish LOL. Do you think the red (same color as below the chair rail in the dining room) in the art niche would be too much? What is a good type of faux finish to do with red and gold, and how would I do that? I've never done faux anything before.

I am going to borrow my neighbor's camera tomorrow to post pics of my new paint colors. Maybe y'all can help me nail down my red! =)

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