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Growing pains with decorating light gray walls

11 years ago

Jeez!! I am used to walls with more color, but have chosen a light grayish taupe for the new remodel. I love beachy themes, but live in Missouri, I thought that wouldn't fit?? Then I thought, I'll decorate the walls with B&W sailing photos, a few colorful lighthouse images thrown in and a few colored frames, and it should all go well. Then >> I thought what about using beautiful fabric to frame as wall art. OK, the walls turned out much lighter than I had anticipated, but I have chosen to live with them, I am simply tired of remodeling/redecorating.

Those of you with the light grayish walls who have also chosen to replace wall art, what have you chosen?

I bought some pretty medium chocolaty colored drapes for the white bow window, that looks lovely, I just need help with the rest....the wood floors are light also, not a dark walnut, etc. Frustrated!!!

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