Possible CL swivel chair for family room

Valerie Noronha
13 years ago

We are feeling the need for yet another chair in my FR to watch TV--problem is everyone wants their own space and last night again found the two teenagers squabbling over the prime spot on the sectional--and the 7-year-old was not even watching with us at the time!

For TV watching a swivel chair would make the most sense, though I'm not crazy about any I've seen so far. I think because I'm not a big fan of skirted chairs, but I saw a possibility today on CL that I'm wondering if it could work. I'm mostly not sure if the tan color works with the moss green sectional or not, but on the plus it's a neutral and looks comfy and kid friendly. I would put it where I've placed the wood DR chair on the left in the below pics:


Here is a composite squirrel had put together that includes the bookcase that we'll be replacing the present one with. The bookcase is scheduled to come in later this month and then we'll decide what we want to do about the end tables, lamps, etc., though we decided to just keep the rug we have for now.

Here is the one I spied for sale on CL. Do you think it would work? If so, do you think I should make an offer on it? $60?

Here is a link that might be useful: Swivel chair

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