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I decided to go with a mirror over my entry buffet :) (Sorry Long

15 years ago

Last week I was debating prints to go over my entryway buffet table but I think Teacats mentioned a round black and gold mirror over there as an option.

I decided to go with a mirror instead of a picture.

How I got there is .. I put another mirror I had on there. I just leaned it against the wall. It was square and the frame has a "log cabin" look to me.. but the colors are black gold with hints of red.

Anyways.. when I was out on my front *porch* sweeping I rather enjoyed seeing myself reflected LOL

I liked the effect of the mirror reflecting the outside when you come in so I decided to go with that.

Well .. I am on a budget since we are broke right now but I got $50 for my birthday.

I looked at mirrors at several places. (walmart, target, lowes, home depot etc.) Not all this past weekend lol but in the past week or so.

I found one at Marshalls. It's White with seashells painted on it. Sorta scuffed up .. and marked down like 3 times already from $49.99 to $25. I'm like well for $25 I can paint this .. and it's the right size and shape.

They were also having a %25 off clearance items

Long story short after further discounts at the register the mirror was had for $14 and something. Woo Hoo

Sooooo I painted it matte black. Handpainted some designs around it in ochre .. a teeny bit of red and blue. I was Trying to make it French Country looking. I looked at a bunch of hand painted french country things (clocks, mirrors etc) and they have a lot of curlies, swirls, floral etc.

Now that it's done I am hoping it does look french country but it is what it is lol. I put gold on the edges what not, distressed it.

I have it hung exactly 9 inches above the table. Someone mentioned 6 to 8 inches and I was aiming for that but it came out 9 inches which isn't too bad (it's very close to 8 inches lol)

Well I am hoping it is the correct height.

I am going to post pics as soon as I can get my laptop to cooperate. My laptop looks like it is "on" but I can't see any icons on the screen. hmmm

There isn't anything on top of the table now but I plan on getting a pair of buffet lamps when I can. I first want to make sure the mirror Works. Also that it is at the right height.

I know you guys will tell me ... lol

I can always re paint the mirror.

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