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Use this mirror over buffet?

I have several places where I can put this mirror, which I had stashed in my basement for a few years while I got around to redecorating my LR. But someone suggested a mirror over my new buffet and thatÂs got me thinking. I have a lot of mirrors already so donÂt see buying another one. Ignore the green/white paper on it: I have the glass of the mirror covered with contac while I am cleaning it. Thanks in advance for your opinions!

How does this look if I move over / remove the large calligraphy that is in the middle now? All the pieces on that wall have to be recentered anyway.

The second shot is of the rococo mirror I already have on the adjacent narrow strip of wall between the two windows. Too odd to have 2 such different mirrors in the same room? I always thought that rococo mirror was just the right height and shape for that spot, though.

How about the new mirror in that spot? I think it does not show to advantage in that spot, though. The brass does not reflect any light there so it looks kind of dull.

Put the calligraphy there instead? Not sure what I would do with the rococo mirror if so.

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