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Bought the RH trestle table! Does this hutch work?

14 years ago

After my almost year long search for a table, I caved and bought the Restoration Hardware trestle table I fell in love with almost a year ago and it should be here w/in the month - yay! I also have these chairs.

This antique pine reproduction hutch is listed on CL for a great price and I'm considering it (would wax it a darker brown) but I'm not sure how well it works with the table and chairs. Also - it's massive for my room at 96"t x 24"d. The tope would reach the crown molding and there also wouldn't be much room between the table and part of the hutch. The table's massive for my 11' x 16' room, so maybe too much furniture?

I also like the style of the last 2 barnwood painted hutches, and they're much smaller pieces. Would this style/size work better with the table?

My new table and chairs (posted before but now it's mine!)

CL hutch looks just like this one (but $3000 less $$):

Barnwood hutches

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