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New RH large library media system dwarfs my 52' TV!

12 years ago

We just installed our new Restoration Hardware library media system and it's HUGE! I knew it was large and I was hoping for a built-in look but I wasn't prepared for how big it seems in our space, especially after having nothing there for so long.

Our television has been housed on its "temporary" stand, ala Costco foldout table, since we bought it last August (not too stable!) Since we really need storage for our collection of music, movies and electronic components, I wanted to do either a built-in or a freestanding unit. (I actually would have preferred a refurbished antique sideboard, but DH wanted a few of the components on shelves.)

DH wasn't too keen on doing built-ins after we just installed the crown molding and I didn't want to spend too much on something we couldn't take with us when we move (someday). Unfortunately, not many of the stand-alone units fit with my decorating style.

Sooooo, I've been lusting over the RH large library media cabinet for months but the steep price kept me from taking the plunge. After finding nothing else that appealed to me I decided to bite the bullet and buy it once they have their next sale, so I'd at least save the cost of tax and shipping. Turns out I found one at the outlet store and we picked it up this weekend. Getting it home was tricky but we saved about 45%!

It literally takes up the entire wall, except for about 20" on either side. I'm still sitting here looking at my wall trying to get used to it. Change is difficult for me - we just replaced our old 36" tube television with the flat screen last year :-D Now DH will be wanting the 65" screen!

I'm sure I'll be posting soon to ask for help decorating the shelves :-D

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