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EK Emerald--anyone have pics? Or the perfect dark blue-green?

14 years ago

I know it's a kind of "out there" color, but it's for a set of walls that the founder of Divine Paints (she designed the colors in this house before we moved in--the PO did it) had done in a brick color...the brick just doesn't work for us, and I'm looking for the perfect dark blue-green instead. I *think* it will work brilliantly. It just came to me tonight.

I think I'll do it *definitely* in matte -- don't want any sheen on this particular color, since dark shiny colors always look unappealing to me personally...

I've been trying to think of what to do instead of the brick *forever* (anyone want to buy 4 gals of MS Brick Hearth? UGH I bought it when I thought I should stick with the brick, but I haven't been able to bring myself to put it up on the walls...) and I feel this will really be the right direction...if anyone has a color like this to share, I'd *so* appreciate it! TIA.

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