Need help with Master bedroom layout

9 years ago

We live in a rental and we've been here about 5 months. I'm having trouble with my master bedroom layout. I was excited that it was bigger than my last house but it's long and narrow. I'm just not completely happy with the layout right now but there is only one other way I can come up with to arrange it. We do have a tv mounted on the wall between the bathroom and closet. As we have the bed now, the tv is at an angle. If I move the bed I can have the tv flush against the wall. My concern is the walking space between the end of the bed and the bookcase. The bookcase is necessary to hold the satellite box and DVD player. We would have about 30", I think that would be enough. I have a little dressing table (labeled DT) that holds my make-up and mirror. I'm open to any suggestions or if you think it would work in the new arrangement. We aren't going to live here very long so I don't want to invest in furnishings just for this room that I may not be able to use later.


{{!gwi}}From master bedroom
{{!gwi}}From master bedroom

Here is a link that might be useful: my master bedroom layouts

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