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does anyone have brick floors?

14 years ago

Some of the new houses they are building here have brick floors in their entries and kitchens. I love the look but do you think it makes the rooms look too dark and is the up keep a nightmare? I would like to do my kitchen, dining, utility and down my hall way but those spaces are pretty small (my kitchen is only 9x10). In one of the homes, the owner has already torn the brick up and got tile because she said the bricks stained really easily. I thought they sealed them. Anyway, I have not approached DH about this because we remodeled out kitchen about 6 years ago and I hate the tile we laided in there, DH knows I don't like it but he and my bil laid it so it is kind of a sore subject that I want to rip it out. So, if anyone has pro or cons and pics please post them.

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