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Has anyone had experience with URC's Total Control

10 years ago

I'm not sure where this question should be posted, since this seems to cross disciplines, but here goes. We are building a new home and our home entertainment guys are proposing URC's (Universal Remote Corporation)new Total Control system to control not just home entertainment, but lighting, HVAC, and security as well. As I understand it, Total Control is quite new, though URC has had something like it for awhile. The few reviews I've seen online from tech blogs have been mostly positive, but I'm hesitant given its newness and the fact that the whole idea of having the whole home controlled by one system (shades of HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey)scare me. We're meeting with them, the HVAC and electrical subs tomorrow to let them talk it through. Should be interesting. Any advice or any experience with other systems like this?

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