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Can't Stand StepSon

15 years ago

okay so this is a wierd situation and i don't know if anyone else knows how to deal with it. So my fiance has 5 children including OUR daughter. Out of the 5 he sees my daughter everyday because we all live together. The other 3 live with their mothers. Then the last one lives with my fiances mother. he just found out 6 months ago that the kid living with his mother is not even biologically his. He had heard rumors for a while and well they were right. Now the other 3 that live with their mothers he never even wants to see. He does not call them and does not visit with them. All 4 of his other kids including my daughter have had genetic testing done...they are ALL his biological children. Why is it that he will not step up for his biological kids but he is constantly calling his non-biological son and including him in activities with me, my son, and our daughter? It makes me so mad that he can be there for someone who is not his but not for his own blood children. He says that it is not his fault that they don't really want to visit. I disagree, I think it is completely his fault for not being there for the other 3 children. That is why they feel uncomfortable maybe. I resent having to care for a child who is nothing to my fiance when there are 3 other kids who need our time and love. Those other 3 are my daughters siblings. This other boy is not. I can not stand him...I can't even look at him. Everything is fine when that child is not around. I don't understand why my fiance is taking care of the childs irresponsible mothers responsibilities when my fiance has 3 other ones that he needs to put before anything or anyone else!

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