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can't stand step-son

13 years ago

I know, it sounds horrible and I feel bad but i think i really do hate him. When i see him coming i want to put my hand up and back away. or just not let him in.

A little back ground. me and dh were happily going about our lives. we had a new baby and all was well. had a cute little place and starting out in a new town. then all of a sudden we find out that dh has ss and that he is in foster care, mom tried to put him up for adoption and long story short here he is. SURPRISE!! so dh says bm told him it's not his kid they were not together at the time although it was his ex and she was living with some other guy who was assumed to be the daddy.

either way the kid is here now. it has been 4 years and i am still not warming up to him although i've tried. i hate how he is effecting my life. he is only 6 but he was clearly disturbed when he got here. the first thing he did was smash my baby in the head with a truck... hasn't improved much since then. i know he hates me too. he rolls his eyes at me and ignores me when i ask him to do something. he talks back, he lies, he steals. he gets kicked out of school. he pees on toys and hides them. he stashes food around the house. he breaks things, like not just toys but windows and furniture and the walls. he is always making up lies about me, like he'll walk past me and scream and then say i hit him or he'll fall on a toy and say i pushed him. then my own kids are like "Don't do it, Mommy!" and come running over all sad when i didn't touch the kid. he is mean and bossy to my kids and he argues about everything. gosh, there are days i'd like to return him to the agency that gave him to us and think no wonder his bm didn't want him. the first month he was with us he screamed so much and wrecked his wall in his room and got us evicted. he has probably caused at least $2000 damage to the house here and that's not including the two beds and the livingroom set he's destroyed. he also plays with his feces and paints all over his room with it in the night and guess who has to clean that up? i feel like having him here is detrimental to my other kids well being but of course they are attached to him and don't want him to leave. IMO he is nothing but a nightmare...... i am pulling out my hair right about now. i thought it would be great to have him here as i used to really love having lots of kids around but since he's been here i just can't stand having him around and it seems like he never leaves me alone.

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