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my fiance has 3kids from 2 diff women

12 years ago

im 26 single/no baggage. my fiance is 39. wedding day will be on december of next year. We have been in a long distance relationship for over a year now. He usually visits me every 3months.WE talk over the phone every day! literally.

At first, he has not been man enough to tell me about his past. We were i guess in our 3rd month when he told me about his kids & complicated past (1st wife : 12 yrs old & 8 yrs old, 2nd wife : 4 yrs old) One more thing! just recently, I have known that one of his ex girlfriends filed restraining order back 2005.

Now, here's the catch. I have just seen some pictures of his 1st wife! My i thought-dutiful fiance was with her in that picture - hugging! & making some sweet gestures! plus this 1st wife is still using my fiance's surname for Gdsakes! even his 2nd wife! still uses his surname!

I have confronted my fiance about this , of cours the usual stories/excuses one can use just to get out of the trouble. Im so in pain right now. I have given evrything even resigned my job & dedicated my time for him & for our relationship.

Is it really worth to give my whole life with this man?

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