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Blast from the past - 2000 'Get to know each other' thread

12 years ago

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All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by glender AL ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 21:38



Love the KT.

Made lots of good friends here.

Retired school teacher.

Love to cook, travel, do water aerobics, AND just lost a pant size from it, too.

Mom of a wonderful DS

MIL of precious DIL

Grandmother of a 4 year old grandson.

Of course, addicted to peanut butter on a spoon.

Let's all repost, as the others are gone.

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Stacy OK ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 21:48


Stacy here

Mother of 3 Kasey Sydney and Tanner

Gramma of Gabriel.....

Part owners of a beautyshop

involved in

kids stuff

and my passion is gardening and Gabe...(as you all know)

I have 2 dogs Rex (german shep mix)

and Tipsy (collie)

2 cats Elizabeth and Tiger....

Have a wonderful DH who loves me!!!

And I love chocolate......

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: DianaMo ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:08


46 years old.

Married for 29 years.

Stay at home Mom

2 grown daughters

2 teenage boys

3 grandchildren and one on the way.

1 boxer dog named Hooch

I enjoy gardening, reading, watching movies and the computer.


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kristie TN ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:11

You can call me Kristie. Or you can call me Vol.

I am a Big Orange Fan!!! (Football-Univ. of TN)

I have been married 12 years, and two beautiful boys, 5 and 9.

I work swing shift at DuPont Nylon so I am here weird hours.

But I just love this place!!!!

You will not find a better group of people than the one's at the KT.

(Psssst Glender-who's bringing the cheesecake?)

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Monica_Kayleigh AR ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:33

Monica...31...married 7 years, met DH online... 2 year old son....5 kittys, just adopted one of

them (Tripod)...SAHM...My hobbies are Music(listening not playing), reading, British TV,

crafts, and scrapbooking..

I love the KT and have met some nice people here.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Tammy-Ohio ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:36


37 years old

married for 6 years

Stay at home wife/mom

1 DD age 4

1 shepherd lab-Sammie

1 kitty-Tigger

Love gardening, cooking, fitness walking, reading.

Been a KT'er since October of '99

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Stephanie in So Fla ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:44


age 30

married 8 years to HS sweetheart

ohio native, 5 yrs in Fla

3 kids (2 boys 7 & 4 yrs, 1 girl 1yr)

at home mom

come and go at KT, more often seen at parents forum

posting at THS is "my time"

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Cathy ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:48

Hi, I'm Cathy

54 yr. old

Mom to 5 cats

Wife to Bob

part-timer at our hospital-medical records.

Love gardening, reading, nature, crafting,

cooking, giving a helping hand, shopping,

eating (yup, I'm overweight), and KT

I wish I could meet you all in person.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Sandy-IA ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:49

*Sandy, 41 from Iowa, born in Minnesota.

*Married to my best friend (most days) for 18.5 yrs.

*17 & 14 y/o Darling Daughters

*13 & 12 y/o cats (Kitten & Cocoa)

*2-1 y/o house bunnies (Maybelle & Buttons)

*Work as a receptionist/secretary for a Lawyer and a Realtor

*Had a sewing business in my home, but since I found the KT...I don't do too much anymore.

*Love to craft, when I am not at the KT

And if you haven't figured it out, I am at the KT ALOT! Have made some wonderful lifelong

friends (and family!) h

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Stacy OK ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:52

Naturally i messed up

I am 37

and have been married 10 years

kids ages are 17 (almost) 9 and 6

Gabe is 2 weeks (GD)

sorry STacy

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Dove CA ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 22:54

Hi I'm new to the block Hang out in Garden Country because I like gardening. Found KT

through the other sites on thathomesite.

Married 13 years

40 years old

4 kids One step son with three grands

an 18 yr old son

16 yr old son

11 yr old daughter

Yellow lab Burt his dad was Ernie

Jack Russel/Bashenji(sp)mix Chloe'

Black and white cat Dot cuz she has a dot on her chin

Orange cat Oscar

Live in San Jose, CA

Work for a property managment/real estate company named @Georgia, Inc. you can look us

up on the web. I am a licensed agent but am doing the books for the property management

side of the business. We just started the company in June.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Orchid-GA ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:03

Hi am really Laura, but do to being about the 3rd or 4th Laura, went with Orchid, cuz I have

an Orchid tattoo on my thigh. I am 38(just turned) SAHM to a 6y/o dd and an 8y/o DS. Been

married to the love of my life for 10.5 years. I am a Submariner's wife, so I deal with my DH

going out to sea for months at a time. We have a tortiseshell cat that lives here, named

Smudge. Smudge had an accident on Thanksgiving so she is now a short tailed cat(DS

accidently closed the sliding glass door on her tail). I love to read, cook, and play on the net.

We live in EXTREME SE GA..have to go to Jacksonville, FL for the closet mall and craft

store. I love fudge.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kaye ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:04

Widow of career Air Fore Officer (JAG). Mother of two grown DDs. Grandmother of David

(freshman at Air Force Academy) and Christine (plans to join her brother at AFA).

From Michigan City, Indiana. Now live in San Antonio, Tx.

Love crafts, gardening, cooking, politics, books and my 'puter.

Tridentine Catholic. Arch Conservative. Involved with American Legion, all Vets oranizations.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: ConnieTN ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:15

Hi, I'm 51 years old, married for 32 years, have 3 sons 30, 25, and 23, 2 d-i-ls, and one 21

month old grandson and another on the way ANY MINUTE now. We just moved to TN from

IN but are keeping the house in IN because I can't bear to give up the lake completely so I

guess I'm from 2 states. I love reading, shopping and crafts....and gardening in season.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Chris ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:25

Happy Holidays! I'm 38, married 8 years to a great guy, have no kids, but do have 3 adopted

furfaces. I had 5, but my greyhound and a sweet kitty died recently due to illnesses. I love

Christmas, my favorite holiday! I also love crafts, gardening, reading. Just bought this 'puter

for home, have been lurking from work for 2 years under another e-mail name. Moved here 5

years ago from Denver. Good to formally meet you all!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kathryn - Michigan ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:34

Hi friends:


Kathryn from Michigan

50 yrs old will be 51 in March

Husband named Mac

One DS aged 31

Two STEP Sons aged 29 and 31

with 4 grandchildren

I have Lupus

On disability for 2 years

Was a corporate Secretary

Like having friends

Enjoy cooking, gardening fixing up my house

I also try to build awareness for those suffering with Lupus as well.

I feed squirrels and birds... I enjoy watching them

I would like to start Water color painting.

I want to spend Christmas this year visiting our children rather than all of them coming to my


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Marilyn C Texas coast ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:38

I'm 54 yrs. old, married for almost 35 years to a commercial shrimper (childhood

sweetheart). Mom to a 20

yr. old daughter, college sophomore, straight A student!!

I live in the country on 50 acres on a bayou. I like to

feed the wildlife, garden---tropicals, perennials and aquatics. I raise goldfish and koi--have

some beautiful

little telescope goldfish babies in the greenhouse. Love

animals, have 5 horses and a dozen cats. I like to cook,

collect many old things, and love flea markets, auctions,

and yard sales. Especially love garden junk.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Carrie in Iowa ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:44

Hi! I'm Carrie, 37, from Central Iowa. I was born in Columbus Ohio, moved to my mother's

home stomping grounds of Clarksville Tennessee, and ended up in Iowa. Tennessee will always

be "home" to me, but DH is a farmer so guess where I'll live for the rest of my life?!!! We've

been married for 17 years.

We have a 14 y/o daughter who is studying for her driver's permit (watch out!); a 12 y/o son

who loves school but don't ask him to study; and an almost 9 y/o daughter (her birthday is

Christmas day) who loves to give me hugs and kisses.

We live on a farm, so we have oodles of farm cats, some rabbits, chickens, and a border

collie. We also have a one year old Yorkie named Murphy.

I work as an administrative assistant and treasurer for the church I am a member of. I

basically live at church.

I don't have time for hobbies as we're always carpooling the kids from one thing to the next.

However, when I get my life back I will start writing again. I love to write.

I have been here at the KT since the very beginning, but I don't post a whole lot anymore

because of lack of time, but I sure do love this place!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kevin ( on Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 23:52

I posted to an earlier thread but it went to the bottom of the here it goes again.

My name is Kevin. I live in Kingston Ontario, on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario. I am an

ordained minister with the United Church of Canada and serve at a small church (30-50 on a

Sunday morning).

I share my life with a wonderful and understanding partner, Robert. We often joke about his

problems being the "preachers wife"!!!

No kids, no pets, only houseplants that will soon be going to that great compost pile in the

sky. (No green thumbs at my house)

I'm not sure what I have to bring to the Kitchen Table. I always get asked to say Grace when

I visit (occupational hazzard), so I will thank you for your welcome and wish everyone well.


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: LizzyB ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 0:01

Hi all again! I'm LizzyB (aka Lizzzzard) and I live in Southern Indiana. 29 years old and

"married" to my beautiful life partner who also posts on here as Hoosierfan13. We share our

life and love with my 8yo DD and 3 furbabies.

Been hanging on the KT for a year or so and LOVE it here! Lots of friendships made and lots

of caring and love.

Interest wise, I collect snowmen, Boyd's frogs, and I love to craft and make homemade bath


A big Welcome to all of the new KTer''ll love it here!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Terri-PacificNorthwest ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 1:34

Me....Busy woman...

Momma to three very handsome boys

Kian 8, Kellan 3 and Kamren almost 7 months,

wife for almost 9 years!

We have pets, but they come with the house...

dog, cat and 2 birds and my 29 gallon aquarium...

oooh yah...I'm 31

p.s. Granny Glenda....Kamren has two teeth now. They are both just above the gums.


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: BettyeAZ ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 2:12

Hello! I'm Bettye, a former Mississippian who has lived in Arizona for over thirty-eight

years. Retired and counting the months (10 more) until my husband retires. Looking forward

to spending time in Kentucky where we own some property . Enjoy many hobbies: gardening,

reading, sewing and crafts. Have two daughters and a son. One daughter lives nearby, one is in

Oregon and son lives in California.

I have always been very active in the community but since I discovered the KT I am content

to spend my time here!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Lisa-Germany ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 4:49


I am Lisa

34-yo SAHM

I have 5 kids. Jonathan 13, Daniel, 11, Jordan, 9, Sean, 5, Chelsey, 2

The three oldest are here in the summer. The other two keep me busy enough on their own.

I am an American living in Germany with my German husband of 4 years. We live in the wine

region, right in the middle of a vineyard.

I like to read, craft and play on the 'puter.

I have really enjoyed the KT and the mailing lists I have joined since I got my 'puter 4 years

ago. Been on the KT for about a month or so now.

Nice to learn more about people.


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: dixie_dumplin Va ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 5:06

HI I am Betty,alias dixie_dumplin


5 children 3 sons and 2 daughters

7 grands 4 boys and 3 girls.Youngest grand was 9 yesterday.Live in south east Virginia.Moved

to Va in 1971 , was born and raised in New Jersey.Raise a vegetable garden and do a lot of

canning in the summer time.Have 2 horses and 2 dogs 1 in house dog is chihauhau.her name is


Am I the oldest here???

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Laura in CO ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 5:49

I am Laura. I live in northcentral CO, but my heart is still in FL (teehee---especially this

time of year). I am 42, have been married to DH for 20 years. One DD (19) and one DS (18).

Too many cats and dogs. Hobbies are genealogy, gardening, crafts, garage sales and auctions.

Collect bears, Fontanini, and lots of other stuff.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Barbara WV ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 5:51

Hi Again Everyone.

My name is Barbara.

Married forty years,

have a son, a daughter and four GC.

Mommy to one four pound furbaby,a yorkie named Samson.

Retired, do a lot of volunteer work. Mostly with Senior Citizens.

Born and raised in Arkansas,but my home has been in West Virginia for over thirty years


To many hobbies to list,but have a DH that I love more today than when we married.

Found KT a year ,next

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: SALLY -MI ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 6:31

Hi! I'm Sally, from Mi. 42yrs., married 7 mos.(not the first), 3 teenage stepdaughters! We

live on a farm, 127 acres, rent out most of the land. Lots of small farm

animals,chickens,ducks,geese,goat named Sadie,2 Boarder Collies,and kitties.DH is a puter

nerd, builds them for side job, we now have 2 online, but it's tough for me to get him off of

them. I work at a small town grocery store, DH works for Lifesavers. Antiquing, mostly

dishes, gardening, cooking, and animals, are my interests. I'm addicted to the KT, for about 2

months now. Wonderful to meet you all!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Brianna NJ ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 6:48

I like these posts!

I'm Brianna, 36 robbed the cradle when I married DH (he's 33) 2 years ago.

No kids, just a super-friendly dog, Spaz - terrier mix 10 years old, came as a package deal

with DH, and a calico cat, Patch, 1 year old.

I work full time at a pharmaceutical co. and go to college one night a week. DH just graduated

(hooray! used to go 3 nights a week)

After concentrating on work and college for years, I am just now getting into all of the things

that make a home beautiful - gardening, faux painting, stenciling, flower arranging, and some

of the easier crafts. I would really love to not work so many hours and enjoy my house -

there's lots to do here!

This site is great! I love getting on whenever I get a chance.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Karen L MI ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 6:54

Hi, I'm Karen from Michigan

2 sons, 15 and 18

1 dog-lab named Mollie, just a wild puppy

1 cat named Ellie, got her from the Humane Society

DH-Wayne, married 20 years!

Work at the local fair office as office manage, love my job!

Boys have steers out back, will get pigs and turkeys in the spring..

just a country girl at heart!

Love the KT, everyone is so nice and its a great way to start the day!!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Casey-Nfld ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 7:01

--Casey (real name Karen)

--from Newfoundland, Canada

--34 years old (no grey yet, though!!!)

--used to teach and work as a clerk with the gov., now I don't work

--I like to read, do cross stitch, cross word puzzles, listen to music and travel on business

trips with my BF

--no kids, no pets, one house plant (I'm not too good with living things! LOL)

--addicted to Christmas

--I like candles, snowglobes, snowmen and fairies, but I hate snow

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Sunshine-OH ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 7:08

Hi Everyone~


I'm 56 yrs old~but closer to 57 as of Dec.27th(Shhhhh)

Married to a "Fantastic"Hubby!

Have a Wonderful grown Son!

Just became a "First time"Grandma~Sept.11,2000,to a Precious Baby Boy!

Love my "KT"family~Will be here 1 of Jan.17th,2001!

Like to do "Crafts",when time allows,but Puter seems to get in the way of that!! LOL!

Love to work outside with our Ponds~We truly enjoy them,and love to hear the water! Very


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Erin ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 8:10

Hello All~

I'm Erin and I am from Pennsylvania. I am new to KT this year, but I am already addicted. I

am 29 years old and I have 4 children. (2 boys, Janson and Cason and 2 girls, Samantha and


My DH is Jamie and he is a correctional officer. I am a SAHM and I provide childcare for

other's children. My hobbies include cooking, singing, camping and anything having to do with

crafts. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes this year!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kim Alhindi ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 8:11


36 YO Married 16 years, with 3 daughters--ages 15,10, and 6. Live in Saudi Arabia and in


Love crafting, singing, painting watercolors, GARDENING!!!!,

Cross stitch, quilting, spinning wool and newbie weaver,collecting dolls of women in native

dress,birdhouses,travel, internet!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Phyllis MN ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 8:30

Good morning...Phyllis here (where else would she be?)

I am retired, having worked in the school system for 32 years, first as a PERA, and the last

21 as high school secretary. Loved my job,and I love retirement.

I have seven children, and 13 grandchildren.

Love to garden; used to do a lot of sewing, but very little these days.

I'm kind of a loner (my own best friend) but enjoy the company of other people, also.

I love the computer, and all the things I have learned from the people at the kitchen table.

Happy Holidays to you all.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Donna--MI ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 8:42

Donna from S.E. Michigan, where it's snowing again. I am 47 (almost, not till the 28th)

married 27 years, Mom to DS, 19, Eagle Scout and in pharmacy school, straight A's, and DD,

14, 9th grade, plays guitar, writing a sci fi novel, straight A's and wants to be a vet. I take

their education very seriously, and because I do, I have volunteered in schools and scouts for

many years. It has really kept me busy. I love reading, cooking, growing and using herbs. I

have ponds, koi, goldfish and water lilies and enjoy them greatly. My pets include my 1 year

old Irish Setter, a 9 year old Shih Tzu who thinks she is still a pup and is only a little

spoiled, a bunny who runs around the house, doves, a milk snake, and a tarantula. I love

Christmas and collect Santas. I enjoy the KT very much.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: sarah ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 9:08

Sarah from So. Florida - almost 49, husband 63, daughter 29, grandson 6. Love cooking and

gardening when there is time - over the summer husband had 3 heart attacks, daughter

diagnosed with Lupus and grandson diagnosed with ADD, all this while going thru menopause!

Newcomer - only about two months but am addicted. Peek from work during breaks and at

home at night. One cat "Greta".

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: LJ - MB Canada ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 9:12

I'm LJ from Manitoba, and is it ever cold here! I'm 31, married 6 years to dh, 33, we're a

military family, two kids, boy 6, girl, 3. Two cats, two goldfish and one damnation (oops I

mean dalmation!) I'm a stay at home mom, go to school part-time and look after three kids

during the week. When I have spare time (rarely) I try to read, do crafts, and mostly hang

out on the 'puter!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Maddie in KY ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 9:24

Maddie from KY here--

I'm 38

married for 4 years (best thing I ever did)

have 3 purring furbabies

finishing my MBA

I love to read and do crafts; I have several pottery pieces in galleries

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Lianne-NJ ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 9:32

I'm 42 and not getting ANY older uh-huh can't make me nope. Married 3 years 10 months

tomorrow (really I'm not counting). Employed full time as secretary and i'm really tired of it

but don't know what else to do. DH is a self employed mechanic working out of our place.

Have a wonderful DSD who is engaged and may make me a grandma someday ihopeihope =o) No

children, just furbabys, a cat and dog (who snuggles with DH more than I do). I dabble in

gardening, drawing, photography, antiques/junque. Love reading, daydreaming, and long drives.

And of course, the KT =o)

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: susan/ohio ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 9:46

I am Susan

Age 41


Engaged to a great guy from Canada

Three children, DD 20, DS 18 and DS 17

One dog Jitters (heinz 57) 14 years old

Two cats Sam 2 years old and Minnie who ? She was a gift.

I am a social worker and work with teens who are in trouble with the courts.

I live on a small farm.

I like to feed and watch the birds.

I also like to read, bake and cook.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Angela in WI ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 10:07

Angela, age 25, married 3 months to a wondeful guy, my soulmate who keeps me grounded. No

children yet. One dog, Britta, 10 year old lhasa apso, that we just adopted who likes to poop

in our house. I work in healthcare promotional sales and my DH owns a full service marketing

research firm. We live on Pewaukee Lake in the suburbs of Milwaukee. I love to shop, cook,

do crosswords, gamble (slot machines), and I am an avid reader.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: AKAME ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 10:17

Akame-32 years old, happily married(knew him six months) almost 11 years, two DD's 7 and 9

Burnt out lawyer turned stay at home mom-currently going crazy staying at home

Live in metro Atlanta area, suburb about 21 miles from the city.

Born in Guyana South America. Lived in St.Kitts, Barbados, Montserrat and Antigua. Moved

to the U.S in 1988-Washington DC for school. Got married in 1990. Had first born in 1991

Then moved to Columbus Ohio for law school. Had second born in 1993, 7 months before law

school started. Then moved to Chicago on graduation in 1997. Main area of practice-labor

law. Then moved to Atlanta in 1999, bought a house settled down and aint movin again.LOL

I like writing and hanging out with the girls and DH-I'm boring.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: RuthieG ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 10:31

Is there any one here who doesn't know my vital statistics?

Here goes...

Ruthie G...real name

age 61 (almost 62)

wife of 14 years to my soul mate

Mother of Susan

Other Mother To Mike, Suzanne and Debbie

Grandmother and Great GrandMother

Real southerner living in MA getting ready to retire in 2004 and heading home

Too many hobbies to mention...

Loving life

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Dana-Tx ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 11:17

I'm 30

have been married 10 years

my daughter is 9

my son is 6

I do child care in my home

I love crafts and sewing

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: AngID ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 12:19

AngID / Angela

Live in North Idaho aka the 'Panhandle'. We're about 80 miles from Canadian border, 20

miles from Washington border and 50 miles from Montana border

The big 40 is coming up in February

With DH almost 17 years now ~ he's just about as perfect as you can get (and I wonder how

he puts up with me! *grin*)

Childless by choice, but "finished" raising my cousin, Rob

Two furkids ~ Kita, a japanese Akita, and Nub, an English Setter. Both are about five years


Work as a legal assistant/office manager and love it (but would also love more time to play on

the computer and work on my web pages!)

Love: cooking (playing with new recipes); reading; playing on computer; watching TV/movies;

camping; boating; snowmobiling; house plants; and, taking pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Table

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: fleaNC ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 12:32

I'm 61, have 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren and 4 kitties. Was married for almost 19

years, been divorced for over 21 years but have a nice gentleman companion who has been

hangin' around for about 17 years. I work two jobs but will retire sometime in the coming

year. I plan to (1) thumb my nose at my current boss of over 15 years and take my

well-earned pension (2) wait until SS kicks in at 62, and (3)sell my house and move to a home

that is the closest place to paradise that I can find. I really enjoy this BB and all the peeps


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Jules UK ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 12:52

Hi. I'm Julie or Jules, live in Scotland in the UK.

I am a very young 50 year old.

Been happily married 27 years.

One son 25 years, one daughter 22 years.

Been on disabilty for over two years as I have CFS.

Previously worked as a Personal Assistant and latterly did the administration for a chain of

shops on the Internet.

I have been a volunteer in a Hospice for 14 years, enjoy crafts and the KT.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Patty WV ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 12:54

Hi I'm Patty from WV.I've been here over a year now.I'm married to my DH for 25 years

now.We have two adult children one of each 25 and 21.We also have one great grandaughter

born in June of 2000.She is growing too fast.Just started to get her third tooth.We also

have one blue persian female cat Sheena and a cocker mix female dog Taffy.I am as someone

once said a "Domestic Engineer" stay at home mom.I enjoy the KT and all my online friends.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Cindy-Chgo ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 13:14

Hi all,

Figured this was just as good a time as any to finally come out from behind that curtain..Been

lurking way to long now, snuck in once but no one saw me so now I will make it official.

My name is Cindy, I am 45 years old and I live in the Windy City. Married 3 years and have

3 children, 21,19,18. I own my own business and work from home at night and have a part time

job during the day to keep me out of trouble. I have 2 furbabies, Snickers and Ed. Christmas

is my most favorite time of the year. I love to craft, my specialty is decorative painting and

floral designs. I feel like I know most of you already, have shared tears of joy and laughter

this last year with you, but now I need to sit at the real table so I get a piece of that

cheesecake and maybe a nudge from Pugsly....

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Linda in CA ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 14:40

I am Linda in Santa Rosa CA. Been here at the KT for almost 2 years now.

* 58, happily divorced

* very proud mom of clean & sober Tyson (24) who posts here as Tybo

* furbaby, Sabrina, the 8 yr old cat

* I retired in 99 and now do customer service work

* work part-time at JCPenney, have quit and come back so many times I have lost track but

they always give me raises to come back and I love doing the switchboard

* love to camp, swim, hike, bike, anything outdoors

* enjoy posting at the KT and Tree House

* look forward to the day I really retire and have more time for my home but then again I

love, love, love being around people

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Evie ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 16:25

I'm Evie, just turned 65

Living in Southampton, Ma. Moved here from Ca. born and raised in Ark.

Two children, Joe & Amy who live in Ca.

Was a lab tech but now retired. (woopie!)

Love to travel, craft, and bake

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: chris ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 16:54

HI...I'm Christina

27, new mother of an 8 month old boy

Married, 4 years (been together for 8)

grew up in South Jersey, now living in Maryland for the past ?...6 years.

Discovered "thathomesite" after seeing it mentioned on the HGTV Decorating board a few

times. I started out with the marriage forum, them moved on the pregnancy and then to

parents and parents of infants. I've been visiting those (parenting) boards religiously for a

long time now, and only recently branched out - and I am sooo glad I did. I lost my mother to

cancer 8 months ago (day after DS was born) and the only 2 friends I have with kids live

FAR away and all the rest work (I'm a SAHM)...Therefore this site is my only gaurunteed

adult conversation each day (other than DH - who often works late) But even if I was still

working I'd be here, I love to talk (and listen) so this is just great. My only gripe about this

site(KT) - there is soo much activity here that I can't keep up (I think I am like the 50th

something person to post under this thread - is anyone really reading this ?) baby woke, dogs

gotta go out

Bye for now

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Diana in WI ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 17:14

Diana in Wisconsin, here!

Live on a small farm in southern Wisconsin. Raise chickens (for eggs) have a 1/4 acre garden

that feeds us most of the year, and grow flowers to sell and eat (fancy-schmancy restaurants

use them) and sell raspberries too in late summer.

40(and still not used to it yet!) married 5 years to DH, after a 3 year "test-drive", who is a

Microsoft Engineer, handsome, funny, hardworking, etc.

Sonny, 13, who came with the marriage (he's been "mine" since he was 3) is a typical

teen...into music, the computer, videos, skiing, and avoiding work of any kind!

Furbabies are: Cinder, 8, Black Lab. Murphy, 4, Black Lab. Tim, 15, mutt cat. Sydney, 13,

mutt cat. Bob, age unknown, lives in the barn and keeps things under control out there!

I work part time for the Seed Savers Garden Store, where I am a staff gardener. They

actually PAY me to talk with people all day long about gardening, seeds, heirloom veggies, etc.

Still can't believe my luck! The rest of the time I work from home, selling books on the

WWW, (I'll post my URL at another time), and workin' my butt off to keep up with the

messes that DH and Sonny leave in their wakes!

My hobbies are: The KT, my pets, my garden, reading and crochet. I don't watch much TV,

aside from The Weather Channel (addicted) and gardening shows on HGTV!

That's all folks!

Diana ;)

(Those of you who need to know, already do! Pugsly)

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Jaybird - TX ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 17:25

Hi there,

I am the 54 year old Jaybird, from Texas! Married (again) for 4 years, have 3 kids and

families of my own, 4 SK's and families, together, we have 10 GK's and one GGD.

I am a PR person for a national company and Minister of Music for an E&R Church.

My hobbies are making music, home deco, and sewing.

I have been at the KT for about 6 mos., and thoroughly enjoy it! In years gone by, I have

lived all over the USA and in Europe. "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I

could!", and I love it!

Holiday greetings to all!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Donna OH ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 17:43

Donna--widow--61yrs (yikes)

2 DS'S---1 DD

6 DKG's

3 step sons--2 step dau's

9 step GK'S

many extended kids & Gk's

2 cats, Cali & Tig (kitty) Tig's driving me nuts with deco's

retired 6 yrs from Utility co

Do just about everything & anything!!!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kelly - Montreal ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 17:55

Hi I'm Kelly or Dale it doesn't matter what you call me

I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland, been living in Canada many years so have become very

Canadianized (lost the brogue as you call it)

I'm 61 Will be 62 on st. Patrick's Day (true Irish LOL)

Mother of two sons

Have a DGS and a DGD (whom I've never seen)

Separated nigh on 31 years so very independent

Play the Irish Bodhran (traditional goatskin drum)

Love doing counted crosstitch

My passion is the KT

Am not online right now for reason beyond my control and am talking to you from a friend's

puter but...... I WILL BE BACK!!!!! I'LL FIND A WAY.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: DarLynn in TX ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 17:56

Lynn here in Big D, lived here most of my life.

DH, John and I are DINKs and like it that way, although we have 3 furkids, our mini dachsies,

Maxxi, Mikki, and Maggie Mae, all of which are spoiled rotten. I'm the Advertising Manager

for the family biz and I love my job! It lets me visit the KT, LOL!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Deb-IL ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 17:57

Guess I'm one of the oldies at the KT. I've been here about two months later than the KT

first began. I'm not sure if that's 3 years or what? I've seen a lot of people leave and I'm

not sure where they all went or why?

I guess I'm also a loner because my friends and I move on to new and different things. My

hobbies are counted cross stitch although my eyes are having difficulties lately seeing those

small holes. Guess that's what happens when you turn 50! Yep, it's hard for me to believe. I

never had any children so it's hard to believe that I could have children who could be in their

30s. I do have 3 nieces 21, 13, and 11. A nephew who is 19. We all live in the same vicinity.

Brother and sis are about 20 minutes from me. My parents live 5 minutes from me when not in

AZ. Residing at my house is my DH of 13 years. Two furbabys Kelly and Maxie 10 and 8. I'm

out of a job right now but work really hard at home keeping up the house and doing the jobs

hubby doesn't have time for. He works 3rd shift as a printer. When you take your pictures

with Fuji or Kodak film think of him. He prints the material on the canisters they come in.

That's All For Now!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: CJ's mama - CA ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 18:20

Hi I'm Carla, AKA CJ's Mama

*New to the KT -- just a couple of weeks or so

*Age 44 (had to think for a minute)

*Been with my beloved partner for 10 years

*Mama to CJ (duh) - 9 yo Westie, and Cassie, 7 yo adopted schizophrenic Scottie

*Originally from NYC suburbs, moved to San Jose, CA about 8 years ago

*Work as an exec asst in high tech, would much rather be a SAHM

*Like to paint in pastels, various kinds of needlework, reading, baking, gardening - esp roses,

basically anything that does not involve going to work every morning! LOL

It's really nice to meet all of you!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: SAM ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 18:38

Hi from SAM (real name is Karen)

39 years old

married to DH for 13 years

no kids, no house plants and no headaches.

2 fur babies EKO (echo is 12) Dusty (7)

I work as a secretary for Lewis University

my hobbies are cross-stitching, researching 1970's trivia, working on my web page, and

taking naps.

I am also a DJ at Lewis University radio station. My speciality is the 70's in which I play

the greatest hits and give useless trivia about the decade.

I love spending time at home with my DH and my boys.

I am so happy that Casey-nlfd introduced me to the KT. You are the nicest people I have ever



RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Kathy Lev-WI ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 18:58

Me ? Stepping up to the microphone -- is this thing on ??? I'm sort of the class

clown...LOL...Been here since the beginning except for a few trips to Disney ~ ! LOL...( don't

ask!) Well--here's my stats.....

**Maried for 27 years to my first boyfriend who is now a railroad engineer

** Have one son--24--who added plenty of gray hair to my head

** I love animals...have 3 dogs now...Lady,Annie & a puppy named Shadow

** I stay at home now..I do stained glass and sell it at crafters malls.I am a craft a

holic...trying to do everything at least ONCE before I die.LOL.

** I am a proud survivor of depression...I have my down days but I thank goodness for

everyday that I see someone smile at me and I can smile back !

** Last but not least.... I LOVE CHEESECAKE !!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: PatriceMN ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 19:32

Hi, I'm Patrice (Pat) from the northwoods of Minnesota. Married almost 23 Bob, have

3 beautiful daughters (Hayley 19, Heather 16, and Hannah 14), and a west highland terrier,

Libby. I own my own beauty salon, have done hair for 26 years. I love crafts, cooking and

most of all. . . contests!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Bev OR ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 19:35

Hello from Bev,

I am about as old as dirt***(70)

Married, to husband # 2. I have 2 daughters a son. Each have 2 children so that makes 6

grandkids. I have a great-grandson, just 2months old. He is a darling, of course!!

We have been retired for 20 years. We used to spend the winters in AZ. It was so much fun

to see some of our great country. We wanted to see more, but circumstances changed quickly.

I enjoy gardening, both flower and vegetable. I really like to quilt, that is usually my winter

project. Right now I am embroidering a set of dish towels for a gift. I also like to read, and

so does DH. Our TV isn't used much.

I don't do much posting at the KT. I read the posts as often as I can. You are all such a

friendly group of women

and so caring. My favorite flavor......Chocklit.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: eeyore-ny ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 19:51


*Real name; Robyn

*age 38

*live in quaint tree-lined village, in CNY

*married 16+ years to wonderful dh, we met on New Years Eve


*homeschool 3 kids - this is our 10th year

*have been lurking and occasionally posting on different sites here for a couple of months.

*my passions are BB's (I often post over at BHG), writing, music (singing mostly), I play some

guitar and piano, and I love encouraging moms and wives be better moms and wives...oh

yeah..and I'm a Packers, and Titans fan,(love football), and I really enjoy entertaining.

One last thing; for the person who was wondering...I read every single getting 'to know each

other' post.

It's nice to meet you all.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: barb GA ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 21:18

Hi, Y'all.

I'm barb (paperladee).

I do work as associate editor of a newspaper. At least I did when I left today! I guess I still


DH and I have been married 33 years last Nov. 5. son, 31, and DD, 26. 3 GS, 3 step GS and 2

Step GD.

Love to read, talk with you guys and travel, travel, travel.

DH works for Delphi Automotives.

Live in the country, 13 miles to the town where we work.

5, count 'em, Airedales.

Love y'all!!! Merry Christmas!!!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Cricket MN ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 22:24

Hi there: I'm Joan from Mn aka Cricket.I will be turning 44 years old next month I have

been married to the greatest guy for 18.5 years and we have 2 boys ages 16 &15. I'm a

Special Ed. Teacher this is my 19th year of teaching. I am also owned by my puppy Bailey.

I've been here at the KT for a year now.

It's so much fun seeing all the new faces here.

Happy Holidays to you all!!!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Tally ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 23:12


My name is Tally and I've been married to Mr. Tally for 12 years with no kids by choice, but

care for 9 rescued special-needs cats and my wonderful mentee Lindsay, whom I've been

working with for going on 4 1/2 years. Lindsay is a gifted child in a very sad social and

emotional situation who gets bored easily and is at risk for dropping out of school and/or

getting involved with kids (read:gangs) who are more her intellectual peers but much older

and more mature than she is ready to handle. (Her brother went down this path and is

currently a guest of the state for a gang related armed robbery after several bouts in

juvenille detention - father died when she was 7) Her mom and I work together to help keep

her on track and stimulated in her school environment and encourage after school activities.

I'm just now beginning to deal with the BOYS issue and it's anyone's guess what's she's going

to ask or say these days. I also get permission ocasionally to bring her to work so she can see

what I do for a living and get involved in the work environment and people interactions.

I'm a VP of Finance for a motion picture studio in Hollywood, Undergrad degrees in Music

and Nursing, Master's degree in Business Administration and am a member of Mensa. I had 2

other careers before this one - a nurse and med student dropout and then several years as a

retail fashion & accessory buyer.

Special interests include feline health & behavior, playing the Celtic Harp and gardening -

especially hybrid teas and container gardening. I'm also on e-mail lists for Lupus support (my

sister in law is a victim of Lupus), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus support (Feline AIDS &

Chronic Feline Herpes owners) and parents and mentors of gifted children who share ideas

and support for handling special situations related to these kids.'s all folks! Come visit our website for pictures and more info....

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Carolyn-South Louisiana ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 23:46

Hi everyone.

My name is Carolyn.

Age 50(although I will never be old-according to DS)

Married 8 years to 2nd hubby.(2nd time around is the charm)

Have 3 sons from first marriage..27,24,19.

Will be a grandma come June. (excited)

Have 2 dogs-chihuahua,she 4yrs old-BeBe.Have new baby-3 month dachshund/terrier


Got out of the rat race and now am a SAHW.

Love to bowl.

Love to do gardening and decorating.

Been coming to the KT about 3 years.

Love everyone here. They are the greatest people in the



RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Deb ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 0:03

Hi I'm Deb in Pennsylvania.

I'm 45 and married 20 years. Mom to two boys 6 and 9.

I'm a Pampered Chef Consultant and love having my own business. Been doing it for 8 months


I'm also an at home mom, doing the school volunteer stuff, driving kids all over creation for

activities and trying to get involved in community stuff too.

We have a big chocolate lab, 93 pounds, named Spike who is my shadow all day long. He's a

mama's boy.

I love to be on the computer (thus I'm here now) and in the summer I love to spend time by

our pool.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: littlebit TN ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 0:23

I have read so many I am not sure who I am! *G*

Ok here goes,

Another Tennessee Vol fan here

Denise aka Littlebit

33 years old until January anyway

Married 11 years to a wonderful man who puts up with me somehow

Mother of 2 a DD Kameron age 9 and a DS Peyton age 3

Work as a school bus driver ( ages 5-9) and also work in the high school caftereia. Yep I am


Love to read,come to the KT and work in my iris beds. Also collect music boxes and anything

with Irises on it.

Have just one fur kid a St. Bernard named Sandy.

And of course I love Chocolate and Cheesecake

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Gale TX ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 1:08

Hey, Y'all !! I'm Gale from the great state of Texas.

Been married to my high school sweetheart for 33 yrs.

One wonderful son who will be 26 in a few days. I'm the

oldest of 8. Haven't been blessed with grandchildren yet

and the prospect doesn't look good. However, I do enjoy

my nieces and nephews very much. Spent 20 yrs as an

inside salesman for pipe, valves and fittings in the oil

industry. Now working on a degree in health information

mgt. Hope to work at home when completed. Got to keep

an eye on you guys. I ove to do crafts, particuliarly

paint. Been coming to the table for about two years now.

It was definitely the best find on the web. You guys are

the greatest

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: megi ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 1:37

Ok, here goes.. Im Meg, but real name is Terrie, but call me Ter or Meg...its a long story..

Im 47.. Im the one with all the Stress and medical problems.

Im in Central California (Bakersfield)..been here since 1958, originally from Cleveland Ohio..

but basically a native ha ha of California...but if I had my choice Id move more north.. like

Washington State!

Ive been married to Frank for 4 years

Have one son who will be 19 in Feb.. who can really get to ya... very confused young man..but I

think he's gonna make it!

I love to paint..I paint murals on walls and furniture. Use to do this full time till I needed a

paycheck everyother week.. so I am a cust serv rep in public utility.. I run the collection dept

(when working). Been off on disability for almost one year.

I love playing the guitar (acoustic), DH plays also and so does my son. We all have diff taste

in music, but thats ok!

My Mom lives like 4 miles from us, she is a sweetie, and you would all love her to pieces : )

she is 75 and went back to work a few years ago 2 1/2 days a week and one day a week works

at the cancer society doing volunteering.

I have a sis who is in Washington State..were very close.

No pets.. love dogs...but I have enough in my life to take care of.

Oh yes I love chocolate..BUT can not stand cheesecake! And I am a cookieaholic!

Im wanting to finish my education and go into space design.

All in all "I" think Im an ok person and as of all you KT'ers.. your all GREAT! and full of

support no matter what your story is.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Barbara -NE ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 3:41


My name is Barbara

59 years old

Been married to my wonderful DH for

24 years last July 31

I have 3 three sons and one daughter (all grown)

Four grandchildren: Joseph 6, Paige 5, and Jake 3 are the children of my second to the

youngest boy, Bill. My granddaughter, Kersten, is the daughter of my daughter Jeanne I am

able to enjoy them often because Bill lives close to me as does my daughter. My oldest, Jeff,

lives is Chicago, and my youngest son, Tim lives at home.

I love music both to play and to listen. I play a little on the piano and a lot on the bass guitar.

I had my own country western band for 7 years. We played mostly in NE.

Can't mention the name here.

My DH and I are both active in SASS (single action shooters Society)where we dress

(clothes & guns) in pre 1900 style.

We have a lot of good clean fun trying to hit the targets in a pre selected senerios.

I am now a homemaker and enjoy my country home (not a farm) just 5 miles from our town.

Started on the KT just under a year ago, and I,too, have met some very nice people out here.

Have had a lot of help learning this #%$ computer. Thanks to all of you.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Nancy WI ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 5:23

Nancy WI


married to DH almost 26 yrs.(next Feb.)

3 kids; Tracy & SIL Jason, Peter, Julie

2 SGK; Jesse 5 & Tori 4 ...I love being a Grandma!!!

& Cody a much loved 5 y/o shih tzu

Started visiting the KT back in Jan.'99 when I couldn't sleep at night I would spend hrs.

reading & this place has gotten me through some rough I guess I'm a gentle

reader(not a LURKER)<...that sounds so nasty> Also found my cyber friend *Wanda VA* here at the KT what a special lady she is!!!

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: glender AL ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 14:16

to the top

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Jill in GA ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 14:25

Jill in GA

24 years old

married for almost 7 months to my DH

I am accountant

I love to cook, clean, decorate

I live in Atlanta now, but hope to move to Tampa next year

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Jennifer Ohio ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 14:55


Columbus Ohio - born and raised (hope to move to New Orleans some day)

I am 29 will be 30 in the spring

met my husband/best friend 11 years ago, we've been married 2 1/2 years

2 dogs - Pi, a boarder collie husky mix and Radius, a corgi mix

2 cats - Fats(Fatman) gray and white long haired, and Kephera a siamese mix

we live in small house in town with an acre

have several fruit and nut trees

I am a gardener, chef, musician, artist

My husband and I enjoy shopping at flea markets and antique shows

Love to listen to the blues and almost any other music

am a vegitarian

work as a supervisor in distribution for a compact disc manufacturer

and I love to learn and try new things

last go round

Posted by: glender AL ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 21:13


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Debby-NY ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 22:28

Debby from NY, originally from the City (NYC) but moved upstate a bit to mid-Hudson

Valley 10 years ago. Am 45, come Jan I'll be a year older. Horrors. Am a SAHM. DH is a

long distance trucker, owns own truck, usually drives paper plates to California and who

knows what back. Have DD, 11 very bright but also ADHD, tough combination. And DS 7, who

is the nicest kid. Also very bright, but sweet tempered, liked by all the kids in his class, all

his teachers etc. I figure I'll pay for this when he turns teen, but am loving it now. Winter is

my off season, only a couple of after school activities, DD rides and shows horses, saddle seat

not dressage. DS does karate, soccer, and baseball. House was a lot more organized before I

found this place, garden was better too. Love to read, do crossword puzzles, bake cookies.

DD will have any cheesecake you offer me. Myself prefer chocolate. Give me the chocolate

now and nobody gets hurt.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Jackie ( on Fri, Dec 15, 00 at 23:34

Hello from So. Calif

I'm Jackie--52yrs old

Wonderful husband of 21 yrs

3 Great kids DD33yrs-DD20yrs-DS17yrs

2 Neat grandchildren DGD9yrs-DGS7yrs

1 Really great SIL 33yrs

A nice dog and a cute cat

I love to do crafts SIL is my crafting buddy

I like to read mysteries and true murders

I work part time and lay around the rest of the time!

I love to shop

Collect Boyds Bears

And my favorite thing is to watch TV and read magazines


Posted by: glender AL ( on Sat, Dec 16, 00 at 21:26


RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Grannytoo AZ ( on Sat, Dec 16, 00 at 21:55

Hi y'all

You can call me almost anything, just don't call me late for lunch. :)

I'm 60 years young and have been married to the lurker for almost 30 years. Have one

daughter, one son, one step-daughter and two step-sons.

6 grandkids and 3 great grandkids.

I love traveling, meeting people and almost any craft.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Barbara in WY ( on Sat, Dec 16, 00 at 23:34

Hi there. Well, it seems that there are a lot of Barbara's but I am the one in Wyoming.

I am 26.

Married for four years.

A going crazy SAHM to two beautiful little girls ages 2-1/2 and 9 mos.

Born on the east coast, spent most of my life in IN, couple years in WA and now in WY for

the last almost two years.

Spent three years married to the military and am so glad my husband decided to get out.

My husband is a hunter so we will probably never leave Wyoming. That is okay but I would

really love to move out of town.

I guess I'm kind of boring. I do have hobbies but haven't seen much of them in the last couple

of years. I love to read christian fiction mostly.

I am so glad I found the KT. I am very far from family and don't have many socializing

friends so I get a bit lonely at times. Coming to the KT is my adult time.

Thank you so much for being such a great group of people.

RE: All NEW-Let's Get to Know Eachother

Posted by: Cheryl ( on Sun, Dec 17, 00 at 4:40

Hi, I am another newcomer to KT, so here goes!!

I am 46 years old and a stay at home mum.

I live in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia.

I am happily married to Paul - love him to death!!!!

Have two sons - Matthew is 27 y.o. and Craig is 14 y.o.

Met my husband on a cruise and was a private secretary

before marrying - many moons ago!!

Paul is a bank manager and we move around a lot with

his work.

My hobbies include reading, crafts, the computer and I

have lots of penpals worldwide.

I really enjoy KT and oh, one last

thing - I loooooove chocolate!

Thanks everyone for your interesting posts - it really

is a great way to get find out about each other.

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