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Hello Moms * Stepmoms

13 years ago

Hello moms & stepmoms, as you can see, I am happily ex-step-mom. It will be 10 years in April 2010 and I still think - sometimes - about those horific and absolutely terrible & wasted - 7 years of my life.

The same issue as so many of you're having - husband & me were much in love, both of us hardworking, honest, the same values, best friends, etc. However, his son (7 at the time of our marriage) - lived with us, bcs his bio mom has some mental issues - never liked me, never accepted me and surely but slowly destroyed our marriage. I would never believe that a grown up man can be so ABSOLUTELY blind*stupid*clueless*naive when it comes to his child. And that child can HATE so much & for so long and every day.

Btw. I grew up to HATE him too, altough before I would never believe it. And I still HATE him (exSS, although he must be 25 by now, and I am not ashamed of it. He is the only person in the world whom I am almost physically sick just to think about.

I also noticed that there are no men complaining about stepchildren.....How come? Is all the burden again on women? Or do men get more "natural" respect" or they don't care?

Anyhow, take care, good luck with your battles and pl do remember: all step/moms-sons-daughtersIt still hurts to think about my exhusband, our love, friendship, our house, garden. I gave it all up for my sanity.


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