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wiring switched light hot to ceiling fan remote box

16 years ago

I recently bought two Harbor Breeze (Lowes) ceiling fans. Both have the same set up. The ceiling box has bare, black, white, and red wires. The red is the hot for the light so can switch it on and off from the wall.

These fans have a box that receives the signal from the remote control. The box has black and white wires that connect to the house wires. It has black, white, and blue wires coming out that connect to the fan. The blue is for the light on the fank, and the black and white are for the motor.

Of course, I'll connect the ground, white, and black house wires to the corresponding wires going into the remote box and on the fan housing. I'll also connect the black and white wires coming out of the remote box to the fan's motor wires.

However, I also want to connect the house red hot wire directly to the fan's blue light wire and the remote box's blue light wire. This will allow me to have a wall switch that will turn the fan's light on and off completely independently, and I will still be able to use the remote to operate the fan's light (as long as the wall's light switch is off). Does this arrangement cause a hazard to the house or the fan?

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