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Don't know if I can stay in this marriage

14 years ago

I recently became married a year ago and the SD is driving me crazy. She lies,is sneaky and a hypochondriac. But what I think the father is just as bad as she is. He acts like he seees nothing. this weekend he was forced to discipline her because she was disrespectful towards me and he heard it for himself.

Normally the excuse is that he doesn't see it so he doesn't correct. This time he had to and it took two days and me threaten to leave. And even then she still managed to make it about her and how she doesn't feel that I don't want to be her mom. He then turns on me and begins to dump all of her emotions on me as if I should ignore her behavior and just love her as if she is my own.

She disrespects any female adult that corrects her when she does wrong. She been put out of school has thrown things and put holes in the walls. A year ago he didn't even like her, now she cries as soon as he goes to correct her so he back pedals and pats up the drama. It is to the point that I dredge going home when I know she is there. I have stop helping him provide for her because I feel like if she can't respect me and he can't support me than he can raise her on his own. She is 13 and her mother is not part of her life. She calls every couple of months just to say hello but that is about it.

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