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Open letter to my son's stepmother

17 years ago

Dear Stepmom,

Thank you for opening your heart to my son. Through your patience, your warmth, and your tireless efforts, you've shown him that he is lovable and loved. That he hasn't lost his father, and that he now has two mothers instead of just one. Thanks to your efforts, he has two real homes where he is cherished and welcomed.

True, there have been times when I felt your involvement stepped on my toes, especially when people thought you were my son's mother, and didn't know who I was. Or when you met with his doctors and teachers without consulting me. But even though my own feelings haven't always been 100% noble, I've tried to stay aware of how much my son has benefitted from your involvement. It's much better for him to have two caring mothers, even if we don't always see eye to eye, than just one. And we're working it out.

You've also been forced to stand in that hard spot between my ex and me. There were a lot of bad feelings in that marriage that didn't get resolved during the divorce. It's a difficult position, but it's one you've managed with grace.

Under different circumstances, I think we could have been great friends. As it is, you have my respect, my admiration, and my gratitude. Not to mention, my son's love.


To the forum folks -- Yes, it CAN be done.

Please, please try.

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