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looking for remote light control

13 years ago

Years ago I bought Pop this thing for the light in his garage ceiling. You took the bulb out of the ceiling light fixture, screwed this doohickey into the bulb socket then bulb into the doohickey. You set a switch on the doohickey to A or B. Now turned the light ON from the hardwired switch (in Pop's case the switch is in a somewhat inaccessible location--hence the purpose of buying this sucker). Next you mount this battery operated remote switch in a CONVENIENT location, set it to match A or B and use it to turn on and off the light. It worked great for years but broke. I do not see anything similar made anymore at Lowes or HD. Anyone know if something like this is still made. It think it was around $15 five or so years ago and I think I got it at HD back then. Thanks!

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