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Planning a recharging cabinet

17 years ago

Hi all,

I am remodeling my kitchen and have the electrical work pretty much finished. I have the 7 lines coming into the kitchen, 1 for the garbage disposer, 1 for the dishwasher, 1 for the microwave and gas stove, 1 for the fridge and toekick heater, 1 for the lights and 2 for over the counter outlets. I want to build a series of maybe 6 to 8 outlets inside one of my wall cabinets to manage the growing number of rechargable items we are starting to accumulate. I realize that the 2 lines for over the countertops are supposed to be dedicated but it would seem to be the most convenient place to tap off of. I can't see the chargers drawing that much amperage but then again I am having trouble figuring out the amps on the various devices.

These are the items that would probably be plugged into the over the counter outlets: Cordless telephone, computer, printer and a coffee maker. For the recharging outlets I had planned to use the following items: NiMh battery recharger(12v), 2 cellphone rechargers (5.9v, 5v), Gameboy recharger(5.2v), video camera battery recharger(5.2v). There may or may not be more chargers in our future. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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