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my stepdaughter is a manipulative teenage her father doesnt see

15 years ago

My 17 year old step daughter lives with us her father travels and is only home on weekends.. He said I am to tell him everything that goes on which I did. She drank got high put obscene pictures of her self on the internet broke the computer rules at school. Cheated on tests copied homework more times that I can count lies as easily as she breaths Picks on people is so beyond mean Most teachers don't like her.

Yet runs to her father kisses him hugs him and he thinks what someone else did these things.. The most frightening thing is She has the ability to make the people she chooses think she is a kind and wonderful young lady and then does horrible things. So there is really to sides to her. This makes it very hard. She has also realized that I began to open her fathers eyes and then the plot thickens. She needs to get me out of the way. So now she lives with him during the week because she manipulated events so it seemed I picked on her. HE BELIEVES This I don't know if my marriage can survive this. I didn't do the things she did. He has blamed everyone one else for his poor sad daughter from his x wife to teachers to other children are a bad influence to the world is lying. He actual feels because I got feed up that Now I am to blame. Can anyone help.I am afraid since see gets what ever she wants that she will say no dad stay with me or make up reasons she needs him and he wont see me on weekends

This is the most bazare father daughter relationship I have ever seen I am a learning consultant so I have had a lot of experience with children but this is not to be believed.Before I married her father people including teachers said are you crazy she is one of the nastiest and meanest children you could meet. Don't let her near you children. I thought they were exaggerating all she needs is love and consistence. Now look my children are hurt and my marriage is in shambles and she is as proud as a peacock she has virtually tore our family apart.

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