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Lucky me! Found Lynn's china Savanna pattern

16 years ago

Wow! I can't wait to get started. This is Lynn's china, in the Savanna pattern. Won it on eBay, for a heck of alot less had I found it locally here in my boring thrift stores, that only have white dishes. I have several plates and cups, although I don't use cups in mosaics because they are usually thicker and do not lay flat. Not sure what I will do with the cups, but I have enough dishes for a planter and possibly a mirror. Most of my mosaics are indoor creations as the sun can fade the patterns after time, so I dread making too many things for outdoors. Would look great as a mirror. I already have the mirror, just need the right substrate for it. It will be about 1-2 months before I get to it, as I have a fabulous shabby jadeite tray to mosaic in the next week or so.

Pardon the picture, even though it appears fuzzy, the colors on the plates are very bright!


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