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Need pattern ID on Noritake china set from occupied Japan!

13 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have recently come into possession of my grandmother's set of Noritake china that her husband (my grandfather... naturally) bought for her after WWII. It is a beautiful 12 place setting set with a mark that states "Noritake China - (M in wreath) - made in occupied Japan". The only issue is there is no pattern name or number on the mark, and I have had no luck searching for similar pieces. Please help me identify this pattern, as I'd like to replace two missing bread-and-butter plates to make a complete set. I know this is a daunting task, what with there being 400+ marks and near countless patterns made by Noritake and all, but thanks for any information you are willing to share!

Pics below, let me know if they don't work...

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