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17 year old step daughter moved out

15 years ago

My step daughter moved out under really bad circumstances. She was told by her dad to go to her mom's but of course she didn't. Her mom let her move into her boyfriend's house which lasted all of a month. Now she lives right across the street at her uncle's, my husband's brother's house. Basically making a bad situation worse. Her father no longer speaks to her or his mother because of all the lies and such. It is absolutely horrible. He is still speaking to his brother but only to be nice. My four children are pulled in the middle of the whole mess and of course this situation puts a huge strain on our marriage. I never thought anything like this was possible. My mother-in-law blames me for everything and my husband has sided with me which is why he is no longer talking to his mother. I feel torn apart from every angle and the fog doesn't seem to be clearing anytime soon.

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