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13 year old daughter doesn't like step mother to be.

17 years ago

I need your help. I am a divorced father of a 13 year old girl. She was 6 when her mother and I split up. I live in upstate NY, have an incredibly stable job and am now engaged. My ex wife moved to NJ to be with her new boyfriend. they have since split up, she has found another beau and remarried. Now it is my turn. After years of counceling to get myself back together and years of not being in any serious relationship I have finally settled down and am engaged. I am happier than ever. BUT... it has just come to my attention that my 13 year old daughter does not like her and does not want to come for her visits any longer due to this fact. She pretty much just gave me an ultimatum that if I don't end my relationship with "some girl" that her and my relationship is in jeopardy. I have contacted my ex wife and she see's no wrong in this and that she is not going to force my daughter to come for her visits every other weekend and that she is making adult desicions and she isn't going to stand in the way. What can I do? My fiance has talked with my ex and got no where... I can't talk with my daughter because to her there is no choice but hers? HELP ME!!!

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