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I just got back from the best wedding!

9 years ago

Wow, I thought I had seen it all, but this was so great!
The venue was an old farm, the barn has been made into a reception hall, theme is kind of vintage, rustic, very informal, yet stylish.

We signed in by finding our name on a vintage school blackboard and taking a "selfie" with an instamatic camera. The photo and name tag were our table assignments. There was a really large yard/meadow next to the barn, with Victorian settees, armchairs and vintage patio tables/chair, lots of wildflowers growing and rustic watering cans, etc with flowers In them, not like arrangements, but as if somebody had just picked them freshly.

We walked down a path, past a vegetable garden to another grassy area, where the chairs had been set up, facing two tall shady trees. Hanging from the trees, were long dangles
of crystal catching the afternoon sunbeams and some rustic chandeliers with candles, That was all the decorations, except for various colors of rose petals on the bridal aisle.

The end chairs had pretty paper bags of lavender buds to throw after the wedding.

Cocktail hour was back up in the meadow with the settees and armchairs. Now there were large wine barrels supporting tables with all the different cocktail foods, decorated with grapevine leaves and fruit and sunflowers. Bar was the same.

After the cocktail hour, the barn was opened and we saw many antique tables, mismatched lace table clothes, silver, china, etc. and colorful flowers in all kinds of containers. The ceiling was festooned with white lights and every table had candelabra and real candles. Everything was mismatched, no formality at all.

After dinner, it was twilight and we had fire-pits outside, tons of white sparkle lights and a long table with cake and huge bowls of home made ice cream and every topping imaginable, self served.

Dancing, a huge full moon and a sparkler farewell capped the evening - just perfect

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