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How do I deal with an ex-wife who is bitter?

17 years ago

My fiance's ex is still very bitter and makes our lives difficult. She uses the kids to manipulate situations and expects my fiance to solely take care of the kids financially. She just started a new job and only pays for her car payment and insurance. All the other expenses are paid by my fiance including her mortgage. She always tells the children she has no money, and the children blame dad. My fiance makes a good income and takes very good care of his kids. His ex has not moved on with anyone, but it doesn't seem like she has moved on emotionally either. She always makes it a point to tell him he messed up and he should not be happy. She always has something to complain about, if it's not about money it's about us, or about their past. I didn't know she would be so difficult, my fiance feels he has to please her because her misery affects the kids. I feel she knows his weakness and uses it to her benefit. It's been over a year, how much time does she need to get on with her life?

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