amout of wine to buy for reception


we are having approx 150 adult guest we will be serving beer and wine (chard, white zin, & merlot) the time is from 5pm to 11pm how many bottles of wine should we buy

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I am a wedding planner. The bar catering service that I use figures that, depending on the average age of the guests, about a third will have only one or two drinks of wine, about a third won't drink at all (too young or don't drink), and the remaining third will have 5 or 6 drinks of wine. A bottle of wine hold about 6 servings.

Beer drinking seems to depend on the age of the group. The younger they are, the more beer they drink and they can drink a lot.

You can plan on everyone having a first drink of some type, whether punch, wine, or beer. Some guests will leave fairly early, probably by 8 or 8:30, so they will drink less, possibly only one or two drinks per person. Family and close friends of the couple will stay till the end and their friends are the ones who will drink the most during that later time.

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Depends on the group.

Many of the people DH and I know and socialize with do not drink beer at all.

At my daughter's wedding, red wine flew off the shelves. Not a lot of her people liked white wine...

When I got married, my guests went through 31 bottles of vodka.... scary!

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Buy extra and be sure that the store you purchase your beverages will take back anything you haven't opened.

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A small bottle of wine will yield 5 glasses of wine. A large bottle will serve 10. Calculate one glass of wine, or bottle of beer per person per hour of the reception. So in your case, 5-6 glasses of wine per person for those that drink wine. That's one small bottle of wine per person. A 6 pack of beer for those that drink beer.

The above is just a rough estimate.

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