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Does anyone have these pendants? help me choose please...

13 years ago

I have a kinda dark kitchen (north facing)

I have 6 canister lights in the ceiling and LED strip under counter lights going in.

I have 2 spots for island pendants.

Here are some pics below of what I like etc.

but i have problem in that i want the island lights to light up the fronts/tops of the cabinets.

So, while I'd prefer these lights the most

they are only downward lighting and wont light up the room, so my next choice is this...

but they are kind of $$$,

so I'm considering these - they have a really light weight feeling and they give me another little shot of dark brown in the room.

but DH's first comment was -you gonna be ok staring at bulbs? ugh.

I really like the round shape... any thoughts on these?

thanks for all your input!

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