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The ultimate curb find... a prospective new family member

16 years ago

FYI- Was called yesterday and begged to offer a home for a little girl. Seems she has been removed from her home several times for neglect..... I need something else to care for like a hole in my head, but how could one refuse this face. Anyway she should be joining us by the end of April if all goes well.

She is a schnauzer, though you would be hard pressed to tell when you see her. She desperately needs a bath and grooming. She's 3 years old and now up to date on shots and spayed(thanks to Dog Control). I've spent some time with her, seems smart and wants to please. In 15 minutes she was responding to basic commands and is housebroken. Currently she's named Daisa, but that wont be coming home with her! Still trying to come up with an appropriate name. Suggestions?

Let me know what you think.

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