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Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out

10 years ago

Isn't that what they said on RAWHIDE?

Not cattle here, just a lot of STUFF.

But guess what....DH is concerned about towing a trailer for 1500 miles one way, loaded up with STUFF, as we clean em up and get ready to move em out.

So now he is talking to the movers who can come get a LOT of stuff....up to a TON....I asked "short ton or long ton?"....

and how do I have to pack em up, where does their part of the deal start, and do I have an option to have it delivered after we leave here.

This is not the big cleaning out. It is the "second pass", with the first pass being the throw-aways and the donates.

Now comes the stuff which won't be broken if they drop it.

I've almost decided that having a lot of storage places is not a good idea. Perhaps it would be better to just pare down in the first place instead of stashing STUFF.

You know packing is really hard work, and no fun at all.

:) I pray that there will be no more moves in this lifetime.

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