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Didn't want to hijack other post .... replies here.

15 years ago

Few replies:

No TOS DOR won't get you a court order but once you have one established they will collect monies by any means necessary. You use the same docket number from the divorce DV1-_______.

FOTY=father of the year

I think IMA proved her point that with the CS issue .... and I will say it again do something about it or stop whining about it. I am guessing you both struck a huge nerve with IMA she must have spent the better part of the day researching all that ... and showed you all you double talk your a$$es off .... So is TOS irresponsible not going after money that is owed her or not?

OH_My ... I believe TOS and I live in the same state all that "paperwork" is done online all you need is a docket number and DOR will search for and hunt down any monies due to CP. BM cannot deposit more than $500 in her bank account the state takes it and sends hubby a check they have taken her income taxes for the last 3 years .... she owed almost $10,000 when they caught up with her. She still owes over $3,000. You don't need a lawyer they have DOR people right at the court house and mediators. If you don't like the agreement don't sign it.

Mom2 ... I know what you are going through with your SD's mine is 9 acts like she's 22 ... do yours stare right at you and look at you like you have six heads and act like she became mute that very morning. When you are asking the simplest of questions... did you brush your teeth/hair? She is the "baby" of the family so she is trying to figure out her way.... between that and asking what size boobs she is going to have as an adult ... "I want a B" she says one morning at breakfast.... her brother says ... I need a bra more than you do would you please not talk about this stuff at breakfast. Rolling her eyes... your going to make yourself dizzy before that bothers me!.... between boobs and periods at breakfast my SS10 is going to take the lead when it comes to his own children ... he is going to say "honey I got this" ... shooing away his wife.

SC or not you are responsible for the adult she will become raise her as you wish ... as long as hubby agrees what difference does it make what the tweedles think... Imagine if you had smacked her for saying DUH! in that "tone" and again ... "its not what she said its how she said it"

OK a lot of replies:

As far as cyberbully ... they didn't have anything for keyboard bully so I went with cyberbully.... They both live in Northeast ... so as soon as they get to work they sign online and spend the better part of the "work" day ...beating up SM's via a keyboard ... must make them feel almighty and powerful because neither one of them would confront the SM or GF in their life.... if I hear BM even say my name I am asking what did she say?? If she has a problem with me she can be an adult and talk to me about it or shut up about it.... and if her children repeat what she has to say about me .... as soon as they are not around I get on the phone with her and discuss it ... I am not going anywhere dogging me to your children won't win you any prizes. Warned her enough to shut it or I wouldn't be so nice :) ..... does she really want me to tell her children all her secrets? bad enough she gets free rent sleeping with the landlord??? oh wait TOS is that income? should that be included in CS guidelines?

The tweedles need to take responsiblity for their own lives and stop blaming the ex, the other woman ... the other woman in their childrens lives do not even interact with their children. So WTF do they even know ... one kid no clue on sibling rivalry ...the another her child has a sibling who is 12 years younger and never "lived" together the 3rd well we all know how she raised her children.... wouldn't want to keep any secrets from your children "lying is the worse thing you can do to a child" when its two of your children fighting who do you save ... I go with the younger ones ... the older ones know better. If they don't they will learn.

Reply to another thread:

My son's SM was TOW ... yeah I was pissed at first probably for a good year I had it rough then snapped out of it and got over it realized I loved my kids more and I loved myself more than I hated him ... to let "what he did to me" eat at me .... I realized I had to take some blame in the breakup. When I did that my life seemed to improve ... She is good to my kids she is good to my ex ... really don't have much to complain about. We settled all issues out of court. He was only my BF of 15 years. So when I hear others crying 20 years oh 25 years ... I was with him for 15 and got over it in a year ... one of you have been with out FOTY for 9 years the other ... atleast 3 years if not longer... time to get over your anger.... and you bet if BM dogged me I would be on the phone with her in a quick minute.... And if I dogged my son's SM I get what I deserve... phone call or whatever....

::hops off soapbox::

Boy are my legs tired !!

::rim shot::

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