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My Boyfriends Son

11 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been together for just under a year. I am 21 he is 34 but age is not a problem. I am English and he is Polish which is again not a problem as he can speak perfect english. We have a lovely relationship and get on brilliantly. I knew that he had a child from a previous relaitionship who is now 5. The boy is lovely so polite and sweet and we get on great. My issues are that when we go out as a 3 i am forced to sit in the back of the car as his boy "must sit in the front" and to make matters worse they will talk in polish so i feel incredibly pushed out!! I didnt have a problem with this for the first couple of weeks as i thought that if i said anything it could alienate me from his son, however it is now irritating me. I love the relationship he has with his son its so nice to see and be a part of but i do feel like sometimes im being treated as the child. Last week they came over to the house that i share with my boyfriend and because his son wasnt feeling well and didnt want to eat they both left the dinner table and went to watch cartoons leaving me to eat alone with 3 full plates on the table and clear up after. Im nervous to bring this up with him as i feel he will just dismiss this as me being silly. The ex is not a problem as she is with a new partner and seems quite happy to have the alone time. what do i do???

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