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Help! I can't understand BioMom!

17 years ago

Please see me rather lengthy post below for background. My 17 yo SS is ready to be released from the hospital today, Friday. The residential treatment center that he is going to will not have a bed available until Sunday or possibly Monday. His BM wants the doctors to keep him in the hospital until then, because she is "not ready to have him home," even for a few days. She didn't visit him in the hospital a few times. Actually, on his first full day in the hospital, she didn't go because she was upset due to the fact that neighbors had complained to her landlord about the parties and the ambulance, and that if it happened again, she would be evicted. So she was too distraught about this to visit her son, who had just had a psychotic episode brought on by substance abuse, injuring himself and requiring 20 stitches. I mean, come on! What kind of mother doesn't visit their child? Our SS told my DH that it was okay, because "mom gets tired." I can't believe that he's in the hosital, and making excuses for her. I am so worried about our SS and what will happen when he is released from residential treatment. She is just absent.

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