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Courts ruled by money. Kids lose.

13 years ago

I have been divorced 6 years. Remarried this October. Very very happily. DH is very jealous of my husband. So the nightmare has begun.

I have custody of kids. DH is a drug user with a wealthy father and a monster lawyer. I origionally got full custody and supervised visits for ex. But after multiple (dozens) of court cases I could no longer afford my lawyer so ex got unsupervised visits. He also pays 400 a month for two kids, no medical or dental. All been on my back for 6 years.

Kids hate visiting DH. He's high and verbally abusive. A total narcissist. Kids are forced to visit, I tried dening him two visits after kids were throwing up and having panic attacks at the idea of having to see him after he had disappeared for 6 weeks. I was sued and threatened with jail time for contempt of court.

After saleing everything we owned we had another hearing and I was granted medical premium reimbursement. Still waiting on the check for that. ha. Charges dropped.

So now we are seeing a counselor who will testify in court for my kids. Kids tell her they hate DH. He bought my son a WII for Christmas, but nothing for our daughter, because she called 911 on him for abuse this summer. Of course he tells her she betrayed him by calling and berates her non stop. Great healthy enviornment for kids.

DH even refused a drug test and court let him slide.

My kids are being abused and no one will stop it or help. Im sick 24 seven over it. Its the only thing my husband and I talk about. The stress is overwhelming. We are in debt because of the courts. And still he always comes out ahead. When will someone anyone help my kids. Why wont anyone in the courts listen????

What can I do????

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