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child support for kids in college

16 years ago

It is probably stupid question but I am clueless on issues like this.

Are there any cases when CS can be filled for adult children who are older than 18 but are full time in college? Divorce occured when child already turned 18, separation occured when child was 17, going on 18. Any form of financial support from the spouse ended immidiatelly after separation. We are talking no finacial contribution, period. SD works part time and is full time in college, lives on campus, lives with dad when is out of school. BM did not buy a pair of underwear for a girl or didn't give a dollar since they were separated: BM left for another man.

I am watching how many financial obligations BF has. I wonder if there is anything what can be done legally when kids are still in college. BF says if mom does not want to help her daughter, he won't ask, but I wonder if he can ask legally?

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