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Thinking about painting my trim a color - not white - thoughts?

13 years ago

I came across this picture and am seriously considering painting my dining and living room a color. In the rest of my house (besides bedrooms) I am using BM Navajo White on my trim and ceilings, which is a match to my kitchen island cabinetry.

I am thinking of flip flopping my DR and painting the walls Navajo White and the trim Norwich Brown (BM HC-19). Am I crazy to do this? And if I do this, how could I handle my tray ceiling and the various crown moldings up there? I will be putting wainscoting below the chair rail in the dining room like the picture below. But where do I start and stop the color on the trim?

I really want something different in those rooms. We have Stickley furniture that looked great in our last 1920's house, but is sticking out like sore thumb in this house (8 years old).

Issues: windows are vinyl and white, can not change that, but am thinking of using woven wood blinds??


Any thoughts - or pictures to share of your painted trim??

Here was my inspiration pic:

And another:

And the color (best pictures I could find on the web...but imagine this on the trim not the wall):

And lastly my dining room (as it looks when we bought it 4 months ago) - must be painted now!! Oh and those are not my couches in the picture:

Living room to foyer and office:

We now have new hardwoods, not the ones shown in the picture, run throughout the entire first floor, including living and dining room. They are unstained white oak floors. Oh And I'm going to remove the ceiling medallion - looks really bad with the mission furniture!

Thinking of removing the pillars??

So, thoughts???? I would appreciate any opinions about this idea of mine.

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