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RECIPE: Apple Cidar Vinegar Diet

21 years ago

I'm posting this again since weekly I get tons and tons of inquiries about the apple cidar vinegar diet.

Here is what I did and what is available to you.

I bought regular apple cidar vinegar from the grocery stone. It tastes nasty so I'm warning you in advance. To compensate for the unpleasant taste I mix one tablespoon of ACVinegar into a glass of warm apple juice. Measure in 2 tablespoons of honey.

You can also buy the tablets at the drug store if you think you can't manage the liquid, but the liquid works FASTER that tablets as the tablets have to dissolve in your system first.

Directions for usage.

TAKE WITH EACH MEAL-that's 3 times a day. It won't work unless you take it with food. Its designed to burn up the fat taking into the body's system with foot.

I then took the same drink with an evening snack. I did this and lost 10 pounds in the very first week. I continued to take the liquid until I lost a total of about 55-60 pounds.


I'm not talking about going to the gym everyday and doing a workout. I just went for a walk everyday. Get out of your can and get moving...use your legs for what they were meant to do...

Health benefits

I felt better, dropped from size 22 to a size 12 in less than 6 months. I have an annual checkup and I'm 52 years old this year and look if you seriously want to get in shape try it. You have nothing to lose.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to know. I don't like to have to do the individual emails that keep coming in...sorry i just don't have the time to answer them..

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