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finishing an addition: layout help?

10 years ago

Hi Small Homes folk!

I have been fairly active on the Home Forums of GW for a few months. I love layouts and floorplans. That said, I don't have a good resolution for my layout/floorplan.

In Sept, I posted in the Build forum and got some good feedback from Summerfield Designs and Bevangel. I'm going to post here now, because I think some of my restrictions are better suited to this forum. I am remodeling, not building new. My house is smaller (4 people and dog in less than 2000 sq ft, no basement, etc).

So, goals with this upstairs renovation of our Cape Cod style home in the PNW (where you don't see a ton of capes):

1) Get the girls their own rooms (right now, they are sharing the tiny bedroom labeled "office". Luckily, one is a toddler, in a toddler bed, so she currently fits under the eaves which are drawn as dashed lines running E-W.

2) Get a Master Suite (eventually). This might be a 2-phase thing. But, my contractor says adding a bath to the master later wouldn't be difficult to do and for $ now, we can just frame and finish the addition as our master.

3) We are gaining more than our addition of 300sq ft on this second floor (couple years ago we did a 2 story addition out the back of our cape, but only finished the first floor. Right now, we have the shelled upstairs addition of 300sq ft, plus the additional area we will gain that used to be under the eaves (about 6ft by 18ft).

Here is what upstairs looks like now:

From GWfloorplans

Here is a proposal:

From GWfloorplans

My questions:

How would you finish out, ultimately, that master space? Would you keep the hard line wall of the 15x20 addition as the space boundry (with a 1' wall of storage in the hall bath), or would you jog the wall, as drawn and put in a 2' wall of hall bath storage?

And, how would you do the closet/bath? I am struggling a bit with that. We can have windows on the S and W walls, but not the E wall except right at the very end of it (like I've drawn) due to a cantilever in that wall.

Inspiration comes heavily from Summerfield and Bevangel's suggestions as seen in this post:

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