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Advice re: mirror vs medicine cabinet above vanity (pic included)

15 years ago

I'm trying to figure out what would look the nicest above our RH Cartwright double vanity sink. The house is an 1890 brownstone which we are in the midst of restoring. I would like to keep a more traditional look to the bath room. We are keeping the hardwood floors and existing fireplace and clawfoot tub. There is a large walk-in closet directly off the bathroom as well a large hall closet just outside the BR.

The options I've considered for above the vanity include the following:

1) Matching recessed RH Cartwright recessed medicine cabinets with dble lights above each medicine cabinet (there isn't enough room for scones since there is a wall very close to the sink on the right).

2) Separate decorative mirrors above each sink.

3) One large mirror with lights mounted on the mirror (not quite sure where I would place the lights and how many I would use -the vanity is only 60" across)

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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