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Ripping Up Carpet On Stairs-How to Bachelor-ize?

10 years ago

I know this has been done here, but I'm looking for a fool-proof method or suggestion on how to do this...

Here's the scene:
Townhouse, enter ground level, immediately go up stairs.
Staircase with carpet.
Not stain grade treads I'm assuming.
Bottom of stairs is a small landing to front door, with black wood-look tile.
2nd Floor/main living floor has reddish cherry floor.
Neutral carpet actually ties the two together nicely. But it's a poor choice for an entry way. Must be removed.

Look going for: bachelor/rustic/loft/urban

Options I can think of:

1. Replace treads with stain grade and stain very dark/ebony to match the tile at the entry. (not trying to match the reddish floor--would like to pretend the stairs were already there and the upstairs floor was added & updated when the "reno" to this "old building" was done).

2. Don't replace treads, but paint with a very dark black paint.

2b. Or stain the existing wood treads to give it that rough look?

3. Can the stair treads be replaced with something to make them look rustic? (not sure about this idea) Can you get reclaimed wood for stair treads?

Thought it might be interesting to make them look like concrete, but that won't work for various reasons.

Open to all ideas.


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