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Must I overlock edges of zippered throw pillow covers?

16 years ago

I'm planning to sew six pillow covers for the sofa and chairs in my den. The 20 inch covers will be made of prewashed microsuede and have corded denim edges. I'm also adding zippers so I can remove the covers from their feather inserts before I wash them. Eventually, I'll be making matching slipcovers, but since I'm new to sewing I thought I'd tackle the easier project first.

I know I'll need to overlock all the microsuede and denim edges on the slipcovers, but can I safely skip this step on the zippered pillow covers? After all, if the pillow covers are completely zipped up before I wash them, won't that be enough to prevent the inner edges from unraveling?

Last night I made a small test cover without the overlocking and it went through the washer and dryer without a problem. What do you recommend?

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