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Becoming a Horticulturist ?

8 years ago

Hi. I love the outdoors and it is time for me to go to school finally. Im 31 years old. I know late bloomer but better late than never right?

Anyway, the job I want to do is hike through forests and take samples and pictures of various types of plants and then go back and study the specimens etc. Stuff like that.

I do NOT want to be mowing lawns, working on landscape or watering plants in a nursery all day. No heavy lifting ( I have arthritis ). I will not be starting my own business.

Like a Mycologist. I was reading and saw a documentary of a Mycologist who went out to various forests and studied Mushrooms. Took samples and pictures and was just by himself.

That is what I want. And I have a family. Wife and 3 kids. So i would like to make at least $50k a year soon after I get my bachelors degree.

Is this unrealistic?

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