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Please Help! Super white vs White Princess Quartzite

9 years ago

My husband and I have been remodeling an old farmhouse. We are most excited about the kitchen and we are finally at the counter top selection point! And I just cant make a decision. So I need your help!

Like I said it is an old farmhouse. We will have white cabinets, stainless appliances and a farm house sink. We have chosen polished nickel hardware and faucets. As for the layout- it is going to be a "u-shaped" kitchen with a peninsula instead of an island. Off of the kitchen we are going to have a refurbished barn door as the bathroom door. Ideally it will be a rustic wood color but if things get too busy we may have to paint it white.

So here are my pros and cons to each:

Super white (the darker one posted in this message): I like the grey. It lacks the warmth that granite has and mimics marble. My concern is that it may be too the look that I was going for was the white carrera marble (but I just couldn't handle the scratching/staining/anxiety of marble.). I am also nervous that it may be too busy for the space especially with the barn door.

White princess (the pic with the blue tape on it-we did this to plan on where we were going to make our cuts for the peninsula): It has the more "white" look overall. And it was almost a done deal but the available slabs all have a lot of movement. I love the movement in natural stone but when my fabricator starting asking me where I wanted to cut made me really nervous. All of that movement makes it kind of hard. It is making me look back at the super white again because the lack of movement. I feel like we are going to end up cutting up the movement in our not very huge kitchen!

I feel like I would have been happy with either one if I hadn't had so much time to research this and think about it. But now that I have seen the other one I go back and forth every day! I lay awake every night debating and now I am down to the wire....I have to have this chosen in the next few days! please help!

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