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newbie** Layout ideas for small/ functional Living/Play room!(PIC

11 years ago

OKAY, here it goes.

I've always followed the forums on here and finally ive got the bug to redo my Living/playroom.

I live in a small house 16'/20'(PICTURED)

Im looking to get a new sectional and take out the rocker

but the layout of this room, and having the the focal point of the room around the TV makes it seem impossible for me to have a better layout than the one I have, any advice is greatly appricated.

Im wanting to completely redo this whole room, paint, floors, furniture, wall art, decor peices. but i have no idea where to start!!!

There is 2 windows which barely bring any light into this room so I would need colors that would look best in lower lighting but not make the room look any smaller.

Thanks so much for the imput.

I also have more pictures if needed just havent figured out how to upload more yet.

&& excuse the mess- its naptime! :)


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