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Help installing a gas fireplace at floor level

12 years ago

We intended to install a wood burning fireplace but while the carpenter was here, the roofer came by and said it couldn't be cone without compromising the roof since the chimney had to go through the valley. Rushed out and bought a gas insert, ventless. It has a 6" metal face at the base which makes it difficult to install at floor level. I prefer floor level fireplaces because they look more authentic to me. I was tired and gave up and planned a small raised hearth (9") to allow the fireplace to inserted without having to cut out the floor joists. If I build a raised hearth, the mass of the box, together with the hearth (at least 12-15") takes a big chunk out of my room. To lower it enough to conceal the metal at the base and put the actual hearth of the FP at floor level, the manufacturer suggests a 5" mortar base. This would be difficult if not impossible. The box is built but the fireplace is not installed. Is there any way I can safely lower it beneath the wooden floor so that it sits at floor level? The room was an old tile floored porch. We raised the floor but beneath the floor joists the tile floor on a floating slab remains. If I cut out the floor joists what would hold up the floor? Please make suggestions if you know how to do this. Thanks for all help.

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