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Can't decide between black granite options...please help!

16 years ago

I have about a week to make a decision on my granite and my wife and I can't make a decision. We are building a fairly modern looking kitchen with slightly off white shaker cabinets, stainless steel appliances and cabinet pulls, light green backsplash tiles and black granite.

We liked the absolute black honed, then got worried about it being more porous than the polished so we decided on polished absolute black. Then, it dawned on us that the black granite would show every little water spot when water dried on it.

Then we thought we would get a black stone with a bit more variation to hide the water spotting. (atlantic black, cambrian black.)

Then I found out about an antiqued finish.

Then I thought about a black quartz with some shiny flecks in it. (Don't know what to believe about the quartz's heat resistence.)

Does anyone have any advice to help us make a decision? I don't want to buy the wrong granite and be miserable trying to keep it looking clean.

Would any variety of black granite really be any better than any others in regards to dried water spots?

Would any finish make any difference? Honed, antiqued, polished?

Can you put a hot pan on quartz like you can on granite? I've heard yes and no.

Thanks a lot!

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